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List of Current Courses

I Could Teach

The following list includes all courses in the current (2022) UNL catalogue that I would feel comfortable teaching. These selections reflect my training in History, Medieval Studies, and Public Affairs. Courses I would be able to teach immediately are in bold. All others are course I would be interested and able to teach with reasonable time for preparation.

HIST 120: World History to 1500 CE
HIST 121: World History Since 1500 CE
HIST 130: Premodern Europe
HIST 130H: Honors: Premodern Europe
HIST 138: Heroes, Wives, and Slaves
HIST 189H: University Honors Seminar
HIST 209: Ancient Greece
HIST 210: Ancient Rome
HIST 211: History of the Middle Ages
HIST 212: History of Early Modern Europe
HIST 216: History of Christianity
HIST 228: History of Medicine in Western Society
HIST 231: Revolutions and Misbehaving Monarchs in Pre-Modern England
HIST 232: History of England Since the Glorious Revolution
HIST 250: The Historian’s Craft
HIST 277: Being Human in the Digital Age
HIST 278: Introduction to Digital Humanities
HIST 300: History Harvest
HIST 307: Early Christianity
HIST 315: Medieval World: Byzantium
HIST 317: The Roman Empire
HIST 318: The Renaissance
HIST 319: The Crusades
HIST 321: Renaissance Humanism
HIST 322: European Reformations, 1500-1650
HIST 332: Jews in the Middle Ages
HIST 378: Theorizing the Digital
HIST 414: Medieval Culture
HIST 426: Reformation Thought
HIST 430: Early European History Through Biography
HIST 431: Medieval England
HIST 432: England: Reformation to Revolution, 1430-1660
HIST 461: Geospatial Approaches to Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
HIST 470: Digital History
HIST 472: Digital Humanities Practicum

HIST 801A: Career Diversity in History & the Humanities
HIST 801B: Leadership & Development in the Humanities & Social Sciences
HIST 801 C: Research Communication & Funding for Humanists
HIST 814: Medieval Culture
HIST 821: The German Reformation
HIST 826: Reformation Thought
HIST 830: Early European History Through Biography
HIST 831: Medieval England
HIST 832: England: Reformation to Revolution, 1530-1760
HIST 861: Geospatial Approaches to Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
HIST 870: Digital History
HIST 872: Digital Humanities Practicum
HIST 895: Internship in Digital Humanities
HIST 900: Introduction to Historical Study
HIST 901: Historical Theory and Debate
HIST 931: Readings and Problems in Pre-Modern European History
HIST 946: Interdisciplinary Readings in Digital Humanities
HIST 950: Graduate Seminar in Reading Writing History
HIST 953: Comparative Topics and Approaches in History
HIST 961: Overview of World History
HIST 963: Readings and Problems in Non-Western History
HIST 970: Seminar in Digital History
HIST 989: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of the Renaissance

ENG 862: Survey of Medieval Literature
ENG 877: Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities
ENG 878: Digital Archives and Editions
ENG 889: Medieval Literature and Theology
ENG 962: Seminar in Medieval Literature
ENG 987: Seminar in Humanities and Public Policy
ENG 988: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Study of the Middle Ages

GEOG 317: Cartography I: Introduction to Cartography
GEOG 431: Cultural Geography
GEOG 483: Cognitive Processes in Map Comprehension and Use

POLS 210: Bureaucracy and the American Political System
POLS 235: Public Policy: Concepts and Processes

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