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Student Evaluations

This page contains student evaluations from the courses I’ve taught as the instructor of record. Each set of evaluations includes a cover sheet that summarizes the most common positive and negative themes in feedback, and a sample of comments. The full set of evaluations  for the course follow after the cover sheet.

I do not have evaluations for the course I taught in Spring 2020.

Full details for each course, including syllabus, assignments, faculty observation reports, and my own end-of-term evaluations, can be found here.

Class Title Semester
Rewriting the Past:
How History Gets Made
Fall 2022
How to Lie With Maps
From Carto-Curious to Carto-Critical
Fall 2022

One Foot in Front of the Other:
A Walking History of Walking
Fall 2018

The Orbis Terrarum:
The Medieval World Was a Globe
Spring 2018

The Briton’s Britain:
Constructing Medieval England
 Fall 2016  |  Spring 2017

Where the World Ends:
Foundations of Medieval Geographies
Fall 2015

Space, Place, and Movement in
Medieval Europe
Fall 2014  |  Spring 2015

Image citation: Library of Congress, G1001 .C7 1959 (here)

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