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Student Evaluations

This page contains student evaluations from the courses I’ve taught as the instructor of record. Each set of evaluations includes a cover sheet that summarizes the most common positive and negative themes in feedback, and a sample of comments. The full set of evaluations  for the course follow after the cover sheet.

Full details for each course, including syllabus, assignments, faculty observation reports, and my own end-of-term evaluations, can be found here.

Class Title Semester
One Foot in Front of the Other:
A Walking History of Walking
Fall 2018

The Orbis Terrarum:
The Medieval World Was a Globe
Spring 2018

The Briton’s Britain:
Constructing Medieval England
 Fall 2016  |  Spring 2017

Where the World Ends:
Foundations of Medieval Geographies
Fall 2015

Space, Place, and Movement in
Medieval Europe
Fall 2014  |  Spring 2015

Image citation: Library of Congress, G1001 .C7 1959 (here)

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