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This page contains a list of interviews that I have done, as well as a listing of instances of earned media (articles about me or my work, points where my work has been discussed on media platforms, etc).

Earned Media

Olivia Waxman. “Keeping it Eel: How One Historian is Using Twitter and Medieval Factoids to Help Endangered Animals.” TIME. Sept. 25, 2020.

J.P. Drew. “Slippery Character: Meet John Wyatt Greenlee, PhD’20 – A.K.A. the ‘Surprised Eel Historian.’” Cornell Alumni Magazine. Jan/Feb. 2021.

That Time Whenpodcast. “Medieval People Paid Rent in Eels.” December 16, 2020.

Anna Samways. “Sideswipe: Keeping it Eel.” New Zealand Herald.  October 27, 2020.

Marty Kelley (“Doktor Zoom’). “Eel Things Considered.” In Relax! It’s the Return of Nice Things. October 25, 2020.

Thom Dunn. “Medieval English People Used to Pay their Rent in Eels.” October 25, 2020.

Episode 303: No Such Thing as a Sucking’s Column.” No Such Thing as a Fish podcast. (700,000+ listenership), January 10, 2020, minute mark 24:15
Topic: my public outreach on eels-rents and more via Twitter.

The ‘Read My Letters’ Edition.”’s Political Gabfest. December 19, 2019, minute mark 50:09.
Topic: my public outreach on eels and English royalty via Twitter.

Episode 32: Inca Turn and European Eel.” Just the Zoo of Us podcast.  December 11, 2019, minute mark 36:45.
Topic: my Eel-Rents DH Project and medieval eel-rents more broadly.

Podcast, Radio, and Television Interviews

“Medieval Eels.” History Hack Podcast (fothcoming, January 2021)

Going Medieval With Twitterstorians.Augmented Humanity Podcast. NPR New Mexico, KUMN, and the New Mexico Humanities Council.
A series of four episodes featuring me and Dr. Shannon McSheffrey on using digital platforms for public history as medievalists.

Episode 1: Expanding the Reach of Research (11/2/2020)
Episode 2: Making Real Connections (11/9/2020)
Episode 3: And There Was Great Rejoicing (11/16/2020)
Episode 4: Pith and Brevity (11/24/2020)

All About Eels!Good Day Sacramento. Morning television show.  November 5, 2020.
A short interview about medieval eel-rents and the 19th C. effort to transplant eels from New York to the Sacramento River in California.

Medieval Eels with John Wyatt Greenlee. “The Medieval Podcast. November 1, 2020. (also here)

Thinking With Eels.” Caraboo Loops Podcast. Noods Online Radio Station. October 28, 2020.
Eels, conservation, globalization, and rethinking how we live in the world.

Paid in Eels: Medieval Money.” Constant Wonder radio program, BYU Radio. October 8, 2020.
Eel-rents and eels as currency in medieval England..

Medieval Eels and Englishness.HistoryExtra Podcast.  Sept. 30, 2020.