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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

“In the Beginning was the Word: How Medieval Text Became Fantasy Maps.” Co-Authored with Anna WaymackStudies in Medievalism XXIX (2020): 183-199.

“Thinking Globally:  Mandeville, Memory, and Mappaemundi.”  Co-Authored with Anna Waymack.  The Medieval Globe, 4 no. 2 (Winter, 2018): 71-109.

Eight Islands on Four Maps:  The Cartographic Negotiation of Hawai’i, 1876-1959.”  Cartographica, 50 no. 3 (Fall, 2015):  119-140.
* Listed as one of Cartographica‘s most read articles (2015-present)

Edited Collections

Teaching Gradually: Practical Pedagogy for Graduate Students, By Graduate Students. Co-Editor with Kacie Armstrong, Lauren Genova, and Derina Samuel. Under Contract with Stylus Publications (projected 2021 publication).

Call for Abstracts and Project Description

Essays in Edited Collections

“Planning Digital Projects for Undergraduate Coursework.” Co-Authored with Krithika Vachali. In Teaching Gradually: Practical Pedagogy for Graduate Students, By Graduate Students. Stylus Publications (projected 2021 publication)

Book Reviews

Review of Christianity Beyond Christendom: The Global Christian Experience on Medieval Mappaemundi and Early Modern World Maps, by Jeffrey Jaynes, H-Net, December 2018.

Public and Popular Writing

“Eel-Rents in Medieval England.” BBC History Magazine. (forthcoming, 2020)

The Maps…They Lie: A Short Essay on the Nature or Maps, and Our Reaction to Them.” Historia Cartarum (2019).

De Homine a Muribus Dilacerato (About a Man Torn Apart by Mice)  An illustrated flipbook version of a story from the history of William of Malemsbury. Historia Cartarum (2017).

Work In Progress

“Slippery Traffic: Eels in the Cultural Landscape of Medieval and Early Modern England.” Submitted to Water History  (2019).

“Estrildis’s Lament: Sharing Spaces for Sorrow Between The Wife’s Lament and Geoffrey of Monmouth. Submitted to Exemplaria (2020).

Insider Information: The Worlds of Medieval Identities. Coauthored with Anna Waymack. Proposal submitted to Brill’s “Maps, Spaces, Cultures” series in 2019. Brill’s editors requested a revised proposal with additional chapters after both authors had defended their dissertations.