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Community Engagement

As I note in my teaching philosophy statement, academic historians have an important role to play within their communities through thoughtful public outreach. This section of my portfolio details the work that have done to extend my teaching into the communities in which I have lived.

Lectures and Classes

“The Orbis Terarrum: A Discussion of Medieval Maps and Geography.” Newfield Public Library, Newfield, NY. Spring 2020 (date tba).

“Maps and Cartography in Medieval Europe.” An introduction to medieval mapping methods and ideas. At the Curriculum Center for Continuing Education, Kingsport, TN, April 25, 2013.

“Possible Causes and Clear Effects of the Black Death in Europe, 1347-1352.” An interactive lesson delivered to 4 junior high school social studies classes introducing both the received history of the Plague as well as alternative explanations.  At Innovation Academy STEM Platform School in Kingsport, TN, November 8, 2012.

Other Types of Engagement

The Surprised Eel Historian twitter feed, posting daily pieces of English eel history., 2018-present.

Public recitations/performances at the Festival of Medieval Readings. Ithaca, NY, December 7, 2017.  (a writeup in the Cornell Chronicle is here).

Digital Projects for teaching and public outreach. See here

Evidence of Effective Outreach

Public history writing on eel-rents and more via Twitter featured on the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast (700,000+ listenership), “Episode 303: No Such Thing as a Suckling Column,” January 10, 2020, minute mark 24:15. (here)

Public history writing on eels and English royalty  via Twitter featured on’s Political Gabfest, December 19, 2019, minute mark 50.09. (here)

Eel-Rents Project featured on Just the Zoo of Us podcast, “Episode 32: Inca Turn and European Eel,” December 11, 2019, minute mark 36:45,  (here)

Invitation to speak on eel history in London at The Sustainable Eel Group‘s 10th Anniversary  Celebration and Conference, Museum of Natural History, London, UK, June. 26-27, 2019.
—  I could not attend, but I sent a poster (here)

Public history writing on eel history via Twitter  frequently featured on the weekly newsletter.