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Fellowships and Awards

Awards and Honors

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Emerging Voices Research Stipend (2020)

Medieval Academy of America’s 2019 Digital Humanities and Multimedia Studies Prize,

Moses Coit Tyler Prize, for the best essay by an undergraduate or graduate student in American history, literature, or folklore: “Eight Islands on Four Maps: The Cartographic Negotiation of Hawai’i, 1876-1959.”  Cornell University (2016).

James F. Slevin Writing Assignment Sequence Prize (Honorable Mention), Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, Cornell University  (Fall 2015).

Graduate School Outstanding Humanities Thesis Award, East Tennessee State University (2014).

Dale Schmitt Outstanding History Graduate Student Award (co-recipient), East Tennessee State University (2013).

History Society Essay Prize (Graduate Level):  “Filling in the Map, Filling in the Mind: The Creation of an Imperial Cartographic Ideal.”  East Tennessee State University (2013).

Fellowships and Funded Work

Senior Lead Teaching Fellow, Center for Teaching Innovation Graduate TA Fellowship, Cornell University (2019-2020).

Knight Institute special funding award to teach One Foot in Front of the Other First-Year Writing Seminar (Fall 2018).

Participation Grant from the University of Tübingen to present at the Global Frontiers Winter School, Tübingen, Germany (Nov. 15-17, 2017).

Coordinator of a Cornell University Society for the Humanities funded interdisciplinary dissertation writing group: “Play, Map, Coin, Poem: Authority in the Media of the Long Medieval Period,” Cornell University (2017-2018).

Center for Teaching Innovation Graduate TA Fellowship, Cornell University (2017-2018).

Sage Fellowship, Cornell University (Fall 2017).

Participant in the Brett de Bary Interdisciplinary Mellon Writing Group: “Captured Images: Visual Modeling as Mechanism and Metaphor,” Cornell University (2016-2017).

Avalon Fellowship, Cornell University (Spring 2016).

Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship, Cornell Digital (2015).

Sage Fellowship, Cornell University (2013-2014).

History Department Research and Travel Grant, East Tennessee State University (2012).

Barbara Jaffe Silvers Scholarship, East Tennessee State University (2012-2013).